The educational mission of the Faculty of Communication is to educate and train its students in order to:
• gain a modern, free and critical thinking ability
• make them sensitive to their environment
• ensure that they grasp communications in all its dimensions
• transform their creativity into a communications product and services
• prepare them for social and professional life.

In order to fulfill its mission, the Faculty of Communication has adopted an educational concept that includes a dialogical relationship with its students, mixes theory and practice, and aims at the students' acquisition of scientific thinking as well as professional skills.

It also encourages students to engage in media and communications production already during their education, and before entering their professional life

Apart from the Departments listed on the left meny of this page, the Faculty of Communications curently offers also the following graduate and postgraduate programs
• Department of Public Relations and Publicity: Marketing Communication Master Programme (With/Without Thesis)
• Department of Radio, Cinema and Television: Master Programme (With/Without Thesis)
• Department of  Communication Sciences: Communication Sciences Doctorate Programme
• Department of Public Relations and Publicity: Doctorate Programme