Program Objectives



The mission of the Department of Public Relations and Publicity (English) is to equip students with the skills to identify and determine the discipline of Public Relations, learn ethical codes of conduct in the practice of Public Relations, and be aware of theoretical framework of the discipline.



The Department of Public Relations and Publicity (English) aims to educate individuals in order to enhance their  communication skills by developing their presentation and expression skills with original projects, designs and social responsibility activities also by using new media tools; determine the boundaries between public relations, advertising and marketing; offer effective solutions to public relations and communication management issues.


Programme Objectives

The Department of Public Relations and Publicity (English) offers a learning programme that:

- covers fundamental knowledge on public relations and marketing communication;

- is based on interdisciplinary vision of the discipline, including elements sociology, philosophy, antropology, business administration, politics, philology theories;

- provides assessments of practices in Turkey and worldwide in the light of theoretical knowledge;

- follows new trends in marketing communication;

- generates scientific approaches for new practices and trends;

- enables students to produce and conduct social responsibility projects;

- enables students improve themselves, also considering their own interests and knowledge;

- enables students to express themselves, make presentations and act in a socially responsible way.