Department of Journalism has been established to educate well-qualified individuals required by the 21stcentury where the new world order created by globalization and rapid technological developments occur. In this framework; department of journalism aims to raise young generations needed by printed-audio-visual mass communication institutions, as well as educating qualified students who comprehend the importance and the future of new media and communication technologies appeared in parallel with evolution of internet.
Department of Journalism aims to raise young people who value objective, impartial, ethical and bold characteristics in journalism considered as the keystone of media, which is mentioned as the fourth power. In accordance with this purpose, department of journalism is based on educational concept where principles and rules of journalism are primary and enables collecting, writing and analyzing news hence raising new generations that will have a voice in informing society and provide social consciousness.Furthermore, beginning from the third year journalism students take courses such as investigative journalism, political journalism, magazine journalism, economics journalism and sports journalism in order to be specialized on a specific area.
The student-focused practice newspapers "Mektup" and "İstanbul Mektup" are university publications and holding a place within the faculty, which provides opportunities for students in turning theoretical information into practical knowledge for journalistic practices.