Program Objectives


The main task of the journalism Department is to train journalists and contribute to develop the theoretical and practical approaches to the environment in rapidly changing structure on communication processes and also cultivating talented students in order to bring solutions into the current problems of the popular media while being part of the development of the democracy.



The vision of Journalism Department is to become one of the leading department in national and international journalism field with a strong background in theory, practical work-rich and well-rounded education. With this vision Journalism Department provides students with abilities and skills which are essential for journalism and solutions to current problems of media for the development of democracy in the country.



As appropriate to the the mission of the journalism department the targets specified as below:

- In the field of Journalism, from planning to implementation to accommodate all the stages in the task,  

- having knowledge in Up-to-date technological developments and new communication technologies,

- received  sufficient experience in related areas,

- aware of the ethical values of the profession and the community,

- experienced in the lower branches of communication knowledge,  

- critical thinking in Journalism practices, and having vocational policies,

- having basic knowledge in the different areas such as politics, economy, culture, art, sports,

- educate students whose ideas are correct,clear and equipped as the verbal and written.


Prof. Dr. Şahin Karasar (Head of Journalism Department)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yalçın Kırdar (Vice Head of Journalism Department)