Program Objectives



The mission of the  Cinema and Television Department is to educate media practitioners who are aware of the power media hold in the society with an interdiciplinary and ethical perspective of media; and to play a significant role in the development of an ethical understanding of media production in the society.



The vision of the Department is to encourage media productions that are supportive of human rights and ethical values; and strenghten the relationships between media, civil society organizations and University.




The department is committed to educate active students who,

- are investigative, attentive to the daily agenda; and immersed in reading and writing,

- are creative; self- reliant and expressive,

- carry ability and desire to build positive communication with others; and believes in the power of team work.,

- are attentive to the newtechnological developments,

- are aware of the power media hold in the society,

- have a critical perspective of visual and aural media,

- have an interdisciplinary approach to media,

- are kmowledgable of the communication concepts and theories,

- are kmowledgable about the historical developments of various media forms,

- are attentive and analytical to his/her social environment and able to produce media products related to his/her social environment,

- are knowledgable about the production and management stages,

- carry the desire to improve and change the media industry.