Graduation Projects

Through Graduation Project, revealing a product acquired as a result of technical, theoretical and

practical information during the training process is expected from the students of the Department of

Visual Communication Design. Graduation Project is a two-semester course; within the scope of

Graduation Project I in fall semester, students develop their visual communication projects starting

with concept and idea.  Students create a project file based on the data result in the researches of

the concepts or topics which they choose. This project file offers the opportunity to student for

having a good command of subject during the evaluation and implementation process of their

original ideas within a strategic dimension. Students become appropriate to the project by selecting

multimedia design tools such as desktop publishing and design applications, web modeling,

animation, as well as, one or more communication tools such as photography, cinema, television and

radio. Within the scope of Graduation Project II in spring semester, students implement their

projects developed through their projects file and accordance with the basic characters of

communication tools which they have chosen; and in the end of the semester, they bring their

projects to process of exhibition and publication.