Program Objectives



To educate visual communication designers who, in national and international fields and with the use of visual communication media, meet the needs of sector professionally and with commercial and social responsibility.

The educate for the sector new generation designers who, in today’s world shaped by globalism, melt and merge communication processes between global and local in one and same container and use developed design technologies efficiently and provide design problems of 21st century with solutions.



The fundamental mission of visual communication design is to educate visual communication specialist with a consciousness of social responsibility and necessary qualifications, who embrace global and local and apply modern design methodologies, in theory and practice successfully with the consciousness of needs of the sector.

Visual communication department educates individuals, through courses with theory and practice intermingled, who are familiar with different disciplines and have a high visual perception level and think creatively and have artistic concerns which they can change into products.



To educate designers, who, 

- are supplied with basic communication theories and basic design learning which they can put into practice.

- follow local and global developments and new trends and think critically in visual communication.

- can work with all the other fields of communication collaboratively and with interaction.

- are aware of developments taking place both in Turkey and abroad.

- have a responsibility to such an extent that they can participate in individual as well as team work.

- produce designs suitable to economic and social developments and modern trends.

- communicate interpersonally and effectively in social and professional life and express themselves also in writing in a clear and comprehensible fashion.

- can produce all kinds of contents and designs belonging to visual communication media.

- develop aesthetic skills related to production processes and put them into practice.

- with the right methodological background, define a problem in the frame of either a field or theme oriented towards sector needs and develop creative and innovative solutions.


Asst. Prof. Dr. Övünç Meriç

Head of Visual Communication Design Department